Hoggetowne Medieval Faire and Tim’s third elbow…

Chabi’s and my meeting in Gainesville went really well. They seemed super excited to have us on board for a BotN demo at Hoggetowne this upcoming year. They are going to cover quite a bit of media coverage for us, and this is a huge opportunity for us to do some fundraising and get our name out there. They are estimating attendance at over 50,000 this year.

This Saturday is Trimarian Duke University. I know quite a few of us will be heading down for that. Not only is it a day of indoor fighting and heavy weapons, the guest speaker this year is Duke Lucan….aka Jaye Brooks of BotN fame…..any guesses on the main topic of conversation this weekend?? I’ll be sure and snap some photos to post.

While we’ve been concentrating on the boring stuff, John has been busy knocking out more armor. Once again he has managed to complete almost 2 full arms in less than a week. This time he had a few setbacks though!

Things started out simple enough, this time he decided to try adding some heat to the arms. Alex’s were made cold.

You’ll notice one of those pictures was NOT armor. Apparently that flat tire set him back a days worth of work and he STILL finished the arms. I of course took full advantage of asking him how he could build armor so fast and yet take all day to change a tire…..

The next hiccup came once the couters got started. John had some issues with the shape of one, then it managed to crack while fluting. After starting over and building a third elbow, things finally came together and he was able to start fluting again today. Tomorrow while we are hitting each other with sticks in the A/C, John will be back at work in the shop.


And another arm makes THREE!

Alex’s arms hit the mail this morning, and Tim’s are already well underway. I cant wait to see John start to pull everything together!

We started researching the soft kits today too. Even though the armor is 16th century German, I think we are seriously leaning towards doing 14th century for the camp garb. Its simpler and easier to make, takes less fabric, and will be cooler in hot weather.

Tomorrow afternoon we are meeting with the organizers of Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville to talk about doing a Battle of the Nations demo next Jan/Feb. It will be a great time to get some publicity and exposure and do some fundraising.

The big focus for everyone right now is still fitness and conditioning, along with getting used to working with steel weapons instead of rattan.

What we have here is….

An almost complete pair of arms in less than a week. Yea. Thats crazy wicked.

Now John just has to put them aside and do it all over again for Tim! He probably could have gotten more done today if I hadnt been chatting with him so much. Ill have to remember to stop that.

BotN Armor Progress….LOTS of progress!

I took some time off blogging since last Tuesday when John started working on Baldar’s gorget. With all the BotN practice and EMP event going on I just didnt have time to keep up with him. And it would have taken quite a LOT to keep up with him. I mentioned to him over the weekend that I thought it was sad that he could build armor faster than i could blog. Honestly Im just really impressed. This guy rocks!


Since last Tuesday he has completed two gorgets entirely and I think is on his second arm! He is using 410 spring stainless and alot of it he is working cold.  Im going to just upload a gallery of the pictures he has snapped so far and let them speak for themselves!


Overview of BotN Practice and Anvil of Crom

Im running behind on my blogging this week! We hosted the first southeast regional BotN practice this past Saturday and it went really well! We had 22 fighters for the BotN drills and practice and most of them stayed to fight in the pit. Several other fighters showed up Saturday night just for the pit and Anvil. The weather was as close to perfect as we could ask for. Rather cool (comparatively thinking about Florida summers) and no one got carried away by mosquitoes.


The guys worked on footwork and football drills, grappling, judo kicks and throws, and much much more. There were also several “class” style lessons about fitness, nutrition, armor, weapons, and BotN rules and expectations.




After a break for showers and naps, we all got back together at the pit Saturday night for an evening of EMP fighting. It was a good opportunity for a lot of guys to practice some of the grappling moves they were learning for BotN. I think we easily could have kept fighting for longer!



After the pit fighting was over we all enjoyed a very fun evening in the Den of Aniquity. We had a huge donation of pillows! The hall turned out great. The party was still going strong at 5am when I finally crashed!


I dont have a single picture of the party. You cant prove anything.

And so it begins…

After taking a day off to help take care of a sick wife and baby (yea, ok, we’ll forgive him this once for being an all around decent guy), John got started today on the BotN suits for Baldar and Tinker.


They have chosen a fairly later period gothic suit, John had already put together an elbow cop a few weeks ago just to see how the spring steel took the fluting. It did, and he liked it, and so they are off!


Fluted elbow


Today John began working on the gorget, using the casting forms they made while Baldar and Tinker were down south to pattern off of.




The Surly Anvil